Operation Monitoring (BPO)

Operating monitoring can ensure the expectations of your contract are meeting met throughout your BPO operation.


While your requirements are usually laid out in your contract, if you don’t monitor for compliance with those set expectations, you will have no way of knowing whether they are being met.

If they aren’t, the availability, efficiency and effectiveness of your operations, systems and data security can be seriously impacted.

At CEE Sourcing we will review and evaluate your service provider’s processes for monitoring the quality of outsourced operations, in order to determine how the SLA and other contractual requirements are being fulfilled.


Our BPO operation monitoring services can cover availability, performance, response time, issue resolution time, security and compliance requirements areas.

We can deliver quality assurance consultancy during your BPO operation, making sure everything is running as it should, so that you can focus on growing your business and driving it forward.

BPO operation monitoring gives you additional support so you can feel confident in your decision.


We can implement a monitoring framework that helps all parties maintain their contractual obligations, which in turn can make sure your BPO solution is working to drive your business forward.

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